Import and Analyze Data

The Epi Info iOS app can import comma-delimited datasets and store them in the device's SQL table. To do this, email a .csv file to an account that can be read with the device's native email app.


Touch and hold, then release the attachment. You will see the option to open the file with Epi Info. Touch the Epi Info icon.


The app will read the file and display the names of the dataset and variables, along with some information about the columns. The dataset name and variable names are editable fields.


At the bottom of the metadata table are "Cancel" and "Save" buttons. Touch "Save". It may take some time to load all of the data into a SQL table so the progress will be displayed at the top of the screen.


If there is a data collection form with the same name and same fields on the device, then the records may be read and edited with the form. Regardless, the table is now available for analysis in the Analyze Data portion of the app.


Touch the "Set Data Source" banner to see the available data sources. For now, only locally-stored SQL datasets are available.


Touch "Table from Device" to see a list of stored datasets. This list will contain datasets loaded from CSV and datasets created with a collection form. The circular red buttons allow deletion of a dataset. (Touching a delete button will prompt the user to confirm before deletion occurs.)


Touching a dataset name will load that dataset into a temporary table for analysis. This can take some time so progress is displayed.


After loading, the dataset name and record count are displayed, and an "Add Analysis" banner appears at the bottom of the screen.


Touching "Add Analysis" reveals the available analyses.


Different analyses require different variables to be specified. Pickers are used to select these variables. On iPad, these Pickers are always displayed. On iPhone, they are hidden until the user touches a button. Here, the user has touched "Select Outcome Variable" in the Tables analysis.


Here, the Outcome and Exposure variables are both set. Touch the gear button to run the analysis and display the results.


Here are the results of this analysis of fictitious foodborne outbreak data. Touch the gear again to select different variables.


Data Collection
Store and Export Data


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