Data Collection on iPhone of iPad

To collect data using Epi Info for iOS, first create a data collection form using the latest version of Epi Info for desktop PC.


Right-click on the name of the form and select "Save Form as Template".


Give the template file a name, typically the same name as the Form.


Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the Epi Info install directory and then to the Epi Info 7\Templates\Forms directory.


Make a copy of the XML template file just created. Change the extension of the file from xml to epiform.


Now send the .epiform file to an email address that can be retrieved from the iOS device. Open the message in the device's native email app.


Touch, hold, and release the attachment and you will see the option to open the file with Epi Info.


Open the file with Epi Info. The Epi Info app will start and display a screen showing the layout of the form on the device. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and touch "Save". (No data may be entered or saved from this screen. Only the form itself is saved to the device.)


If there is a cloud data source for this form, then the cloud credentials may be entered on the next screen. Otherwise, simply touch "Save" again. If there is no cloud data source, then all data will be stored on the iPhone or iPad only and may then be exported to a PC for aggregation and analysis.


Store and Export Data
Import and Analyze Data

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